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COVID-19 Update

To the Fleur de Lis Home Care community:

I’d like to thank our clients, caregivers and healthcare partners for continuing to put their trust on Fleur De Lis Home Care. You are the reason our agency has been the force that it’s been over the years, and especially so amid these trying times. You motivate us to be the best that we can be.

In the office, Fleur de Lis Home Care staff have also been busy taking steps to ensure all services are able to continue without a hitch, and that caregivers understand our agency is standing behind them ready to provide support when needed.

Here are some of the early steps we’ve taken:

  • 3/14: Set up a mobile announcement system to inform caregivers of the essential nature of our services as well as discuss the agency’s upcoming steps. As the situation unfolded, we also used this system to quickly send public health reminders and web links to updates.
  • 3/16: Sent letters to seniors and families informing them of the protocols we have in place, reassuring them that home care services will continue, and providing full copies of related state and federal guidelines, including a worksheet to help them review their household emergency plans.
  • 3/17: In an effort to protect the health of our caregivers and clients, we filed a resource request to the LA County Health Services after learning that they may be able to provide emergency PPE to adult care facilities who are struggling to find them in the public supply. We did not receive a response (as of 4/16), we assume likely due to our non-medical work, but it was worth a shot.
  • 3/18: Ordered small batches of face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer from multiple retailers, many of which had already imposed limits per customer and extended shipping due to supply shortage.
  • 3/19: Distributed updated employee badges so they can prove their essential worker status. 
  • 3/20: The stay-at-home order was issued. In-office staff has moved staffing, accounting and payroll operations remotely.

In the past four weeks, we’ve taken an maintained office operations running as scheduled, including staffing. We’ve also remained proactive supporting our clients and caregivers–from delivering groceries to some clients, giving rides to caregivers who asked for help, to sewing a handful of cloth masks for them to use just until the PPE shipment we ordered arrive.

This is a continuously changing situation and we will continue to adapt our policies and procedures to the changing requirements and best practices to support the wellbeing of our community–our clients, employees and healthcare colleagues.

Thank you for all your support.


-FDL Management

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